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As you scan the internet for online mastering services you will find there are many different options with greatly varying pricing. Of course you will have a budget for your mastering project and this will narrow down the options available. Online mastering service prices will vary from between £10.00 and £100.00 per track approximately. A great way to assist with choosing your online mastering service is to look at the websites and ensure that they have pictures of equipment they list, pictures of high end monitors and pictures of the room in which your music will be mastered. Any websites that do not have pictures of the equipment should be re-considered. I cannot think of any reason why a mastering studio would not wish to show their high end audio equipment to potential clients, can you ? Then you can check the recent clients list and check out the history of the mastering engineer.

One alarming trend I have noticed of late is people advertising mastering with tiny loudspeakers (bookshelf size). I would tend to avoid mastering studios that are using small monitor speakers. These speakers are not realistically capable of hearing the scale of music as it might sound on large sound reproduction systems. The low frequency response will be greatly compromised by the small size of speakers and I think it's odd that someone should offer mastering based on equipment that is no more capable of resolving sonic details and scale than the clients who are seeking the service.

Make effective decisions when choosing your mastering studio by obtaining a free preview masters wherever possible. This will allow you to hear the quality of the mastering services and assist in making a more informed decision. Most mastering studios will have a range of high quality audio equipment which is specifically set up for improving stereo 2 track mixes.

All the best with your mastering service decisions.

You may visit a high quality and low cost mastering studio below:

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